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Laura Woods
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Rachel Scott
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We Guarantee You Will Notice the Difference

Our Precision Graphic Carving is a superior new method in carving

granite. Today we can sandblast and carve designs with artistic detail

and accuracy, capturing memories and creating distinctive images.

Traditional memorial artwork has turned

from simple, to simply beautiful!

Features, Advantage, Benefits Of Paulson Monuments

Lettering, Design and Carving

Thousands of Designs
Personalized Lettering & Font Selection
Professional Artwork
Computer Aided Drafting and Design
Presentation Drawings for Approval
Triple Check Error Prevention

Sales & Service

Authorized Memorial Counselors
State of the Art Manufacturing
Clear Delivery Dates
Professional Equipment and Installation
Written Guarantee

Granite Materials

World Class Quarriers
Guaranteed Against Fading
Guaranteed Against Cracking
Select Color Clarity
Select Color Uniformity

We Include the Following

Precision Graphic Designs
Shape Carved Designs
Full Names and Dates
Children’s Names
Personalized Verses
Delivery and Installation

You Deserve the Best

All the artwork shown in this catalog was originally hand drawn for our Precision Graphic Carving process by our professional graphic artists.

You Mattered

Deep down, most of us want to know that we, in some way, made a difference in this world - that we mattered to someone, and that after we die, we will be fondly remembered by those who knew and cared for us.

Your life is a story that deserves to be represented in a way that honors your dreams, memories and true legacy. What were the unique chapters and milestones that meant the most in your life's journey?

In today's world of uncertainty and constant change, pre-planning your memorial ahead of time can insure that the difference you made is appropriately represented in the memorial of your choice.

The key benefit of pre-planning is that it creates peace-of-mind and reduces financial worries and the burden on your family. We all know that life is full of uncertainty. Pre-planning your memorial ahead of time will save your family from having to make one more important decision at a time of grief. When it comes to estate planning it just makes common sense to consider the pre-planning memorial option.

Pre-planning demonstrates love and gratitude by saving your family from having to make an important decision at a time of high emotion and grief.

We want to...

  • Help you understand your pre-planning options
  • Offer our experience
  • Educate and inform
  • Make the process easier and more meaningful

The Next Step...

"Don't Put Off Until Tomorrow, What You Can Do Today"-Benjamin Franklin

We guarantee that our product quality, artwork, engraving methods, and carving will match or exceed all other granite manufactures in the memorial industry. We guarantee your complete satisfaction. -Laura Woods, Owner of Paulson Monuments.