HDL High Definition Laser

Imagine capturing your loved one’s story, gifts and memories with greater clarity and creativity. HDL technology allows you to greatly expand your creative expression in the form of photographic imagery, graphic design and personal photos. The permanency of granite will provide the creative canvas to remember their legacy with high definition detail and realism.

Traditional Double

The Traditional Double Process Designs illustrates the monument industries traditional carving process that goes back hundreds of years. The designs are created by using different depths creating a bold and clean appearance. The designs are simple and large enough to engrave. These designs provide great contrast and are very durable over time.

  • Use On All Granite Colors: Light – Medium – Dark
  • Use On All Style of Memorials: Lawn Level to Upright
  • Designs Can Not Be Reduced In Size
  • Designs Are Either Flat or Shape Carved

Precision Photography

Precision Photographic Dot Process

The Precision Photographic Dot granite carving technology is a process that converts high quality original photos into a halftone image made up of dots. The dots provide a screening process similar to that used in the printing industry. This application is considered one of the best ways to achieve maximum photo realistic detail and image durability when transferring the halftone image to black granite by engraving. A high quality photo is required for this process to be effective, so submitting your proposed photo for consideration by our creative staff early in the design process is recommended.

  • Available on front side of Jet Black granite and above ground memorials.
  • Photo must be approved by memorial design staff.

Precision Graphic

Precision Graphic Designs

Precision Graphic Carving is a superior method for illustrating artistic detail, beauty and accuracy. The Precision Graphic Carving Designs are hand crafted by professional artists and are exclusive and copyrighted. Precision graphic carving designs are sandblasted so they provide superior durability and contrast to laser carving or diamond etching methods. Best of all, out PGC “Precision Graphic Carving” Designs are included in the cost of any memorial. PGC designs work excellent on medium to dark granite colors and above ground memorials.

  • Use On All Medium to Dark Colored Granites
  • Use On All Upright Memorials
  • Designs Are Made In Any Size
  • Designs Can Be Mirrored

Deluxe Shape Carvings

Deluxe Shape Carvings

Deluxe Shape Carvings are done uniquely and artistically only by our master monument artisans. The original outline of the artwork is further enhanced by carving deeper into the granite artistically providing an enhanced, almost 3D-like final image in the stone. This process is totally unique and custom based on the creative talents of each carving artist.

  • Available on selective Traditional Double Process Designs such as flowers and praying hands.